From our little studio in the heart of Cheshire, the Flocking Legless Duo
came to life through a passion to provide and supply original personalised
designs for all occasions. 


​Think quality, not quantity and attention to detail in everything that we do. 


Having both worked for big corporate companies where office politics get
in the way of vision, we believe that it’s the little things that matter - 
quality materials and workmanship, great customer service and products
that are built to last, full of your happy memories.


We hope our passion for perfection will inspire and make a lot of people 
happy around the world.


So where did the Flocking Legless Duo meet? Believe it or not our journey and life together started right here, online! Back in 2006, Ian was based in York and Heather in Manchester. After a month of talking on the phone, we finally agreed to meet up and well the rest is history.

We are a perfect combination of completely different but at the same time two peas in a pod. Heather hates sports, Ian loves football. But one thing we both completely agree on is perfection, so much so, our plates have to be stacked in the cupboard in a colour coordinated fashion!

In 2018, whilst designing some new products, Heather started making personalised t-shirts. We were approached by a friend to see whether we could personalise some hen party t-shirts and thought, yes why not but we need a name.  After playing around with some flamingo t-shirt design ideas, Heather was having trouble with the legs, as they were too long and it wasn't working!  So she cut them off, looked and thought haha it's"flocking legless".  
Ian loved the name so much, we went and had it trademarked the next day!

We started getting orders through word of mouth and we both thought it would be a good idea to open a shop. From there the brand has gone from strength to strength, all thanks to our amazing customers that have supported us.


Flocking Legless is just like its cheeky name, a fun and quirky brand full of personality. We love graphics and designing and creating fun and new ideas.
We like our products to be beautifully soft and ethically sourced. These are memories that you want to keep and to stand the test of time.


Our designs make us and everyone else giggle. Our designs make people comment and question. Our designs are personalised just for the end customer, creating something for those special occasions. Weddings, hen parties, anniversaries, milestone birthdays and of course those brand new babies
that come in to the world, are all amazing events that we like to celebrate with you.

We are always open to ideas, so if we don't sell what you're after, just simply ask and we can always add it to our range. Alternatively we can create
a completely new custom design just for you. We are completely unique and don't like to be confined to one box.


As a small business, the environment and our responsibility towards the world in which we live, is important to us.

Our brand started out with a cotton only ethos, making sure that we only used brands that are responsible in their manufacturing. Cotton is a
natural fibre, that is kind to the environment. It doesn't leave any microplastics in the air, that can come from manmade fibres like polyester.
Cotton can therefore naturally degrade at the end of it's life and doesn't leave a lasting impact on the environment. Where possible we invest in
organic cotton products. Organic cotton is farmed without pesticides, using natural methods. This means that it is better for the health of the farmers,
local communities and better for the environment.

From a consumer perspective, cotton is naturally breathable, making it good for hot and cold weather environments. We use ringspun cotton t-shirts which are perfectly soft, making it great for small babies and delicate skin. Is there any wonder why we love cotton so much!

We are a real stickler for wanting to make sure we have the right quality products, that we ourselves would wear. Having worked in the textile and fashion industry for many years, we have a really good understanding of what makes a fabric great quality. We know the manufacturing process from start to finish. We not only personally test our own garments and designs, but we also wash, dry and iron them just like you would do, to make sure they are perfect!

We have even ensured that our mail bags that we use to ship your order in, have been made from recycled materials.
One step at a time we will continue to improve and find new ways to be an eco-friendly and responsible company.


From our Little Flocker to yours.
This is Havana, aka 'Bubba', she was born in 2015 and is our little poster girl for our baby brand. She is as every bit as quirky and pedantic as our main brand.
'No mummy those socks are not straight!'

However as quirky as our brand name is, we didn't feel it was entirely appropriate for our little ones. So after much deliberation, Little Flockers was born.
It sits as the FL logo does but in reverse as LF - perfectly complimenting
our main brand, with no compromises on quality.

We started designing Little Flockers with t-shirts and bodysuits on request.

However after our first Christmas of couples pyjamas, we realised that
many of our customers wanted them for the whole family.
Christmas 2019 was an incredibly successful year for our matching
personalised family pyjamas. We have continued to expand on our family
range so that you can wear them all year round.

Our matching sibling t-shirts are also very popular and a great way to include your older siblings to enjoy the arrival of your newest family addition.

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